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The Oppo F 17 Pro Camera Review

The Oppo F17 Pro is the perfect everyday caller. With its beautiful rounder screen and a one-touch keypad, it will make your life easier. The build quality is outstanding, as is the fit and finish. It looks like it belongs in a professional camera handbook.

The first thing that impressed when held in hand was the extremely slim design and the beautiful-looking curved frosted glass face with a dual-tone mirror. It’s only 7.4 mm thick, so it’s not too heavy. The Oppo F17 Pro has a 2.5D curved screen which looks just like other high-end phones from Nokia, Samsung or HTC. With a sleek design, the body of the phone is easy to grip. There is also a rubberized case that protects the camera from scratches and bumps. The battery life is amazing, lasting all day on a single charge.

I love the quick charging feature of the Oppo F 17 Pro. It charges very fast and I can go from a completely dead set up in the office to fully charged in my bag in less than an hour. A fast charger will give you an extra hour or so of talk time, which is great for business people on the run. The battery life of the Oppo F 17 Pro is impressive. I frequently used the camera attached to my cell phone, so battery life was very important.

The camera on the Oppo F 17 Pro is a great addition to any kit. With a complete suite of image control features, including Creative Photo, Portrait, Noise Reduction, Video recording, you are sure to create some fantastic images. The lens has a nine megapixel resolution, so it’s suitable for taking high quality videos. To reduce red eye, the shooting modes have a Night mode, Beauty mode and others. The battery life of the Oppo F 17 Pro lasted me nearly two and a half hours, easily surpassing the battery life of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro with similar camera.

The lens is lightweight and compact. It doesn’t take up much room even when loaded with images. The body of the Oppo F 17 Pro feels solid, but not quite as big as the iPhone or HTC Evo Shift. The screen has large text and a very nice viewing angle. Overall, this is a great camera for anyone looking for a phone with many functions, lots of pixels, an optical zoom, a huge shooting area, and good battery life. oppo f17 pro For a mid-budget phone with all of these features, the Oppo F 17 Pro is truly one of the best options out there.

If you need a phone with so many useful features and a professional look at that, you need to check out the Oppo F 17 Pro. It is definitely one of the best phones on the market today. When it comes to picture quality, the results are quite evident. When it comes to functionality, the functions are quite evident. And most importantly, when it comes to having fun, the Oppo F 17 Pro takes the competition by a mile.

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